To capture an image that shouts and lives, that breaks free from its static form and frame is a real talent. Susana’s images drag you by the scruff of the neck and make you confront the vibrancy of the people, places and moments that are captured forevermore. The brutal beauty of the everyday is what makes Susana’s work and it keeps me wanting more from such an excellent artist.
— Ed Roberts (Cabin Fever Theatre Company)

Susana de Dios is a Spanish-British photographer specialising in social documentary.

Her practice explores issues of identity and immigration through portraiture and documentary photography. She has a keen interest in social affairs and politics and how they shape the lives of communities and individuals.

Susana has worked extensively with EU migrant communities in the UK and has also collaborated with local organisations to assist in the delivery of projects exploring the role of the NHS. 

Her self-portraiture work examines the effects of difficult life experiences on identity and self-image and documents the journey towards rebuilding the fractured self.

Susana has exhibited nationally and internationally and her work has been featured on the BBC and on magazines and publications such as The New European, Left Lion magazine, Amber Magazine, ShutterHub magazine and The Edge of Humanity magazine.