Rimante arrived in the UK from Lithuania in 2014 looking to further her education and find better opportunities for herself. 

She studied Multimedia at her local University for two years and then completed a course on alternative therapies.

After finishing her studies, Rimante worked in various sectors holding positions in retail, hospitality and customer service. 

For the last nine months she has worked for the buying department of a builders' merchant and home improvement retailer, a role she has found exciting and challenging and that has allowed her to develop and learn new skills.

However, Rimante's true passion is bettering herself and helping others do the same so she is currently focusing on a career as a Life Coach, which she describes as her "heart's calling".  

I was very surprised to hear the result of the referendum. Then all the negativity poured in, everyone around me seemed so distressed and negative about it.

I personally felt confused because everyone who campaigned to get that result then disappeared and took no responsibility. I don’t think there was enough information in general, on either side, and the press just weren’t helping at all.

It all seemed to be about Polish people taking jobs, it was ridiculous. I still don’t know what Brexit is all about. Is it just about leaving the European Union? Is it about getting rid of foreigners coming over? Is it about the country becoming independent? I’m still not sure.

Personally I haven’t felt any bad effects. Everyone at work was very supportive and they felt disappointed with the result. It’s important to remember that this is not just affecting EU nationals, it’s affecting a good number of British people and businesses as well.

The company I was working for at the time had to juggle a lot of pricing, it caused a lot of distress for them, as the dollar rate dropped, we had to increase our prices twice since the result.

I am a very open person. This country is beautiful and the people over here are beautiful. I have learnt so much and I feel like no matter what’s happening if people unite we can all just live here happily. If I ever feel like I wan to leave I’ll leave, but not because of Brexit.