I think the EU is there for a good reason, specially in times like now when we have problems with terrorism on one side and then Trump and Russia. The EU is really important and if you look around in England there are a lot of EU projects going on, so I don’t understand where the rejection comes from.

Yvonne came to the UK from Germany in 2010 to study Economics as part of the Erasmus exchange programme.

After completing her studies in the UK she went back to Germany to finish her degree and then returned to the UK to take up an internship working for a start-up company as a sporting and social events organiser for international students.

Since 2015 Yvonne has been working for a builders' merchant and home improvement retailer in the international sales department. Unsure about what the situation in this country will be in the coming years, Yvonne is hoping to train as a teacher and move to Spain with her partner in the future.