Ramon came to the UK from the Catalonia region of Spain in 2003 after qualifying as a flight attendant.

For the first year he worked in a fast food chain in order to settle into the country and improve his English. In 2004 he went back to Spain to undergo the selection process for a flight attendant position with a major airline. Ramon was successful and stayed in Spain for a month to receive his training. 

After completing this, he returned to the UK and started working at London airports. He was soon promoted to a more senior role and moved to a Midlands regional airport, where he currently works.

I am not worried about Brexit affecting my job. The only possible repercussion is that prices for passengers to fly with us into and out of the UK will likely increase. London is a great city but so are Berlin or Dublin, so I think people might look to other European countries for city breaks if the prices increase.

I was at work when the result of the referendum was announced and I wasn’t expecting it at all. The difference was very slim, just 2%, and this poses a big problem because to honour what half of the population want you are going to have to upset and disregard the other half.

I don’t agree with the claim that we are taking jobs from British people. To give you an example, when I arrived in the UK the NHS were advertising to recruit foreign doctors and nurses to staff their hospitals and surgeries. They were so desperate for foreign professionals that they were even paying for their accommodation. At a less specialised level, Europeans usually take the low paid jobs that nobody else wants to do.

I haven’t had any problems with discrimination or hate crime myself. And I feel very reassured that soon after the referendum I received a letter from the police to say I shouldn’t hesitate to talk to them if I had any problems, as they weren’t going to tolerate any racist or xenophobic attacks.

At work, I have noticed a negative attitude towards Europeans from some passengers but my work colleagues are from all over Europe and the atmosphere within the staff is good.