Monica comes from northern Spain and has lived in the UK since 1998. She is married with two young sons.

Through the years she has worked as a special needs teaching assistant, carer in an old people's home, and shop manager.

After completing an MSc in Environmental Water Management in 1999, she started working as a Hydrologist, and later on in Integrated Environment Planning, a position that she still holds today.

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I believe in a world without borders and think this [Brexit] is a step backwards from that.
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I am not concerned about my situation as an EU national in the UK, perhaps because I have been here for longer than the London Eye and I am both practical and resourceful. Or it could be that I am still a bit in denial, I wouldn’t know.

As Murakami says in one of my favourite books: “You have to wait until tomorrow to find out what tomorrow will bring.”