Inma and Andres

Inma and Andres come from Andalucía in Spain and have lived in the UK since 2011. They are married with a young son, who was born in England in 2013.

Andres works as a pharmacist and has also set up "El Cuervo" - his own bilingual English-Spanish theatre company.

Inma has worked as a researcher in Microbiology in the higher education sector and is now part of the scientific team of a British natural nitrogen technology company.

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After the referendum we experienced a mixture of emotions – fear, frustration, anger, a strong feeling of being unwanted. It was sad to see how most of the Leave campaign was focused on immigration, blaming people like us for some of the biggest problems of this country.
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We felt it was irresponsible of politicians to pit one section of the population against another for their own interests, not valuing foreign workers like us for the contribution we make to the development of this country.

We are worried that this could greatly affect the peaceful coexistence between nationalities in this diverse and multicultural society.