Alexandra came to the UK from Greece in 2003 to further her education. Shortly after arriving, she started a Postgraduate course in Drama Therapy, combining her studies with a job as a supply teacher.

She then started a family and began working as a therapist for the NHS CAMS Service, supporting children with mental health issues.

Having been made redundant from this role in 2013, she decided to focus again on her education, enrolling in a Postgraduate course in Psychoanalytical Observational Studies at the University of Leeds.

At the moment, Alexandra is focusing on her family and is also supporting her local community as a volunteer therapist for a local Mother and Baby support group. In the future, she hopes to be able to resume her studies in order to set up her own private practice as a Psychotherapist. 

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Brexit shattered my illusions about the UK being a sort of Utopia.

I left Greece because I realised it had a lot of work to do on women’s rights, gay rights, human rights, immigrant rights, etc. and I felt that the UK was a green and happy land where people were more open-minded and tolerant.

I realise now that it wasn’t that they were more tolerant about immigration, I think there was indifference towards us rather than tolerance.
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I think the country is going to go through some difficulties unless people are really flexible and resourceful. They will have to be more creative about how to be outside the EU and still be a very vibrant and robust country, both financially and culturally. How they go about it is the big unknown now.