Alzbeta came to the UK in 2014 from Slovakia to pursue her passion for music. After completing her A-levels in one of Slovakia’s most prestigious bilingual grammar schools, she applied to University in the UK through UCAS and was accepted into a BA in Music (Jazz) course, which she will complete in May 2017.

With no previous training in jazz music, Alzbeta came to the UK not knowing what to expect. Here she found a welcoming multicultural community and a thriving jazz music scene, where she regularly performs. She regards her decision to move to this country as the best decision she has made in her life.

After completing her Degree, Alzbeta would like to continue her studies in Music and is currently applying to Masters Programmes both here and in other European countries. However, she is open-minded about her future and is also considering taking a gap year to explore another one of her passions – studying to become a Yoga instructor in India.

I always used to think of myself as Central European, not Eastern European, at least that’s what we were taught at school, but everyone here thinks I’m from Eastern Europe. I do understand that it is because I come from a Slavic background.

I think some British people are not aware of what’s happening in the East or in other parts of Europe. I do understand why this kind of discrimination came to be - because they don’t understand what these people [Eastern European immigrants] are going through, why they move to this country and why they choose to stay here.

I think it [their coming here] is to do with the economic crisis, and in my country it’s mainly to do with my Government being corrupt. The middle class is diminishing, the lower class is getting bigger and then you just have 1% of people who own much of everything.

I can see the frustration also coming from my parents because they both are very educated people. My mother, for example, has two Masters Degrees, she is a lawyer and an engineer, and she can’t find a job in my country.

I’d love to be able to be a part of British society and not be looked upon as a foreign person who shouldn’t be here, or who is exploiting the system. There are people out there who are much worse for society, and they don’t come from Eastern Europe.