EU nationals in the UK - Where is 'home'?

"How can one even begin to think of a place as home if it actively points a finger at you?"

Amaya (Germany and Spain)

The concept of home has always felt a little different to me in comparison to other people’s perception of it.

I have been brought up in a family where my mother is German and my father is Spanish. I’ve always been able to move to different places and create a safe space wherever I landed.

Home to me is the place where I can unpack my bags, where you’re given the time to create a social circle, where you are given the space to develop personally and emotionally, where you have the ability to weave a fabric strong enough to act as a security net.
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Home is a feeling and not a flag or a national anthem. Let us not confuse home with nationalism or patriotism. Home is liberation from that. It is a freedom to express fully who you are without judgement on where your passport was issued and the appearance of your skin or the alien accent in your verbal English. My home is Europe with the good and the bad.
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The Brexit Phenomenon is comparable to having a rug beneath my feet being yanked out and falling flat on your face - a cruel joke.

It feels as though the years spent studying and working in this country have meant nothing to both government and the people that voted Brexit under the flawed assumption that there is a hurricane of migrants coming to this country with the intent to abuse of the benefit system – pandering to a stereotype emphasized not only by the Leave campaign but also by the sensationalist tabloids.

I’ve been reduced to a statistical figure used to sell an image of scrounging immigrants and a causal factor to the strain on public services.
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How can one even begin to think of a place as home if it actively points a finger at you - scapegoating you for the failings of an austere government that has failed in its duty to provide for all, especially the most marginalized and the poor?

The notion and image of home that was beginning to take formation has been torn to bits. I am a European. I am Europe and that is what I call home: unity, dialogue, cohesion, understanding, looking forward as a team and a relinquishing of the ego are what I associate to ‘home’.