After meeting Michele in October 2016, it was a pleasure to catch up with her again in her beautiful London "home from home". Always candid, outspoken and good fun, we chatted about colourful socks, the Empire and how young people are our only hope.

I can’t say that my life has changed very much on a day to day basis, I haven’t had any bad experiences or people being nasty to me. I really haven’t had that kind of negative experience. On the contrary, people have been very supportive.
I feel a bit more relaxed, but I’m still angry. For me [Brexit] it’s an aberration on the same level as the Trump election. I blame the education system for not making young people aware of political choices. I think the way forward is with the kids, we need to encourage diversity in schools and give foreign languages a prominent place again. Send young people abroad on exchange programmes and make them travel a bit. Specially, invest in education.
I think building bridges is going to be hard. Some British people have an island mentality and many of them still consider themselves as part of the Empire, they are still a bit back in time compared to the rest of Europe. I don’t think it’s a conscious thing, but there’s definitely a kind of attitude, they think they’ll be fine without Europe because other countries like India are going to help them out, but they are not.
The older generation - I mean, those of that generation who voted Brexit - I really think they are a lost cause. I don’t think you can change their minds. The way forward now is the kids, young people, the Millenials and younger.